Fixing roads in Costa Rica with plastic waste

Costa Rica has assertive and a potential scheme to utilize waste plastics in reconstructing
roads. The roads in Costa Rica currently have inherent potholes and they have not been well
taken good care of. There lies a potential to fabricate a new way to embrace an eco-friendly
method that will have double benefits, amendment of roads as well as conservation of the
environment. Renovation of roads with waste from plastics is a state of the art process that
has the potential of bringing numerous advantages and few disadvantages. The process will
involve a start-up company utilizing plastic destined for landfills. Costa Rica has a lot of
plastic waste and the sooner investors realize the potential that lies in such waste the better.
To utilize the plastics, they will have to be processed into millions of little pellets which are
later used to make asphalt. Costa Rica has the potential to come up with such an innovation.
The following will be the pros and the cons that the country will realize if it ventured on
utilizing plastics for road constructions.