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Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a central South American nation with coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific. The Capital of Costa Rica is San Jose and the nation is known for its shorelines, volcanoes, and biodiversity. The Atlantic and the Pacific coasts are approximately five hours apart. Costa Rica is considered to be one of the safest countries in Central America and during the Tourist season, the weather is perfect for tourists to visit the rainforests and relax on the beach.


Why Should I choose Desert Golden Clouds?


Desert Golden Clouds is your best bet in getting all the information you may need regarding Costa Rica. Our platform provides you with all the “need-to-knows” in relation to living in Costa Rica as we are experienced in dealing with versatile issues ranging from medical supplies to property transfer issues.
Our team of experts will assist, educate and prepare you on how to handle any situation you may find yourself while you are in Costa Rica. If you need answers to questions or issues you are not sure of concerning Costa Rica, we are a call away to clarify the misconceptions and you will be able to experience this beautiful nation First hand


What we Offer


As a company, we are cut across multiple industries offering various services in these fields. Some of our services include;


Medical Supplies


we are a registered and authorized supplier of medical goods to the Costa Rican government. We have all kinds of medical related instruments and equipment which are available on demand. Our facility is equipped with a variety of non-durable disposable health care materials that you may need as ordered or prescribed by your physician.


Real Estate


At Desert Golden Clouds, we offer Real estate lending facilities with two of the largest banks in Costa Rica. This means that if you want to buy property in Costa Rica but need financial aid, we will redirect you to the two of the largest banks in Costa Rica with our lending facility to facilitate and map out a smooth financial plan for you.




we are also involved in immigration residency property transfer laws. If you are a foreigner who is facing any kind of problem with transfer of ownership of property, our team of professionals are easily and readily available to help you facilitate this process.


Legal Practices


Many Law and Police related problems such as criminal proceedings, child custody cases and persons unable to leave the country when a court order has been filed are easily handled by our team of consultants who are ready to assist and guide you whenever you need it.




Why Should I come to Costa Rica?

If you are still contemplating on whether or not to immigrate to Costa Rica, this is the best time to make that decision as the Costa Rican government is providing investors the opportunity to become citizens with amazing incentives.
The Government is willing to provide “resident” status to investors who invest a minimum of $50,000 into this tax-free foundation. That is, an investor has the opportunity to invest in a completely tax-free foundation and also become a citizen of the country. With a tax-free opportunity along with labor rate in the country, there is a huge profitability margin for investors.
TREE PLANTING has been welcomed by the government and the process has been initiated in the country with the aim of planting export trees, thereby contributing to the nation’s economic development. Depending on the required amount, the government is committed to planting trees in areas where required.
The most profitable Tree to plant is TEAK. Teakwood is one of the most lucrative and most sought-after in terms of quality and value. On an average, a Teak tree takes at least 5 years to grow and they produce high grade wood which can be used for furniture and many household items.
This project seeks to aid in developing the country’s economy through Teak Export
As a matter of fact, Canada is the main buyer of teakwood from Costa Rica as it buys almost 85% of Costa Rica’s teak exports. This is the best way to increase the country’s revenue generation.
Investing in this afforestation scheme in Costa Rica offers investors a whole lot benefit, some of which include;

  • Huge Profit Making
  • Becoming a citizen
  • Saving the Atmosphere

There is a strict criterion to the Costa Rica’s government requirements in order to be accepted into the program, but there is no cause for alarm because THIS IS WHERE WE COME IN.

How we will help you?

Our consultants at Desert golden clouds are fully conversant with the rules and regulations required to qualify for this program. They will direct and guide you on every step of the way so as to ensure you meet the program’ requirement. Our aim is make life easy and convenient for our clients by assisting, guiding and providing them with any information they need relating to Costa Rica