Disposable Medical Equipment

Hospitals can save a great deal of money by optimizing their surgical drape and gown systems.A study of three hospitals (referred to as “A”, “B” and “C”, for anonymity) has shown that costs for surgical drapes can be reduced by up to 54 percent.The same study, which considered a total of 6,282 operations performed in 1999, has also revealed that disposa-ble drape products are both economically and hygienically superior to their reusable counterparts.
Reusable surgical gowns and drapes have proven practical especially during dynamic operations where there are a lot of fluids involved. In two consensus statements1,2 and one ex pert opinion3 it was shown meticulously that reusable surgical gowns and drapes are highly functional but are also not very detrimental to the environment. If nothing else, time and money can also be saved with practically composed reusable sets.

Safety of high-tech surgical gowns and drapes
Surgical textiles primarily have to guarantee the safety of patients and surgical staff. Here it is necessary – and also prescribed in EN 13795 –

  • that they are resistant to germ penetration (wet and dry);
  • that hardly any or no particles are released;
  • that they have a high liquid barrier;
  • that they have high sturdiness (wet and dry);
  • that they – including over several hours – are comfortable to wear and are highly absorbent.*